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Curriculum Vitae for Christian Helms JørgensenPh.D.

Professor mso at Roskilde University and

Christian Helms Jørgensen has a background as a vocational teacher and consultant in labour market training institutions. He has been tenured at Roskilde University from 1994 where his primary field of research has been connections between education and work and vocational education. This has included studies in relations between training and organizational change, employee participation as democratization of work life, educational planning and competency development, vocational education in a comparative perspective and school to work transitions. He was co-founder of the Danish research journal Arbejdsliv (Workinglife) and editor for three years. In 2010-11 he was guest professor at Stockholm University where he is teaching at the doctoral school and doing research in vocational education.

 Recent research projects

Curriculum Vitae for                                                                                                           2017

Christian Helms Jørgensen

Professor mso, Ph.D.


Department of People & Technology
Roskilde University
Postbox 260, DK-4000 Roskilde

Phone +45 4674 2923 (work)

Phone +45 4239 5510 (cell phone)

E-mail: cjhj@ruc.dk
Homepage: http://www.ruc.dk/paes/



Key areas of research

Ÿ  Vocational education and training systems in a comparative perspective

Ÿ  Planning and policy of education and training

Ÿ  Youth studies, school to work transitions and labour market careers 

Ÿ  Social and gender inequalities in education and work

Ÿ  Connections between work and education

Ÿ  Adult education with a special interest in low skilled workers


Research activities

Ÿ  Partner in Norwegian research counsel project 2016-20 on VET and migration Moving Trades, Fafo, (including researchers from Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark).

Ÿ  Research leader of a Nordic, comparative research project “The Future of Vocational Education - Learning from the Nordic Countries” with a grant from NordForsk 2013 – 2017. www.Nord-VET.dk

Ÿ  Research leader of major research project on ‘failing boys’ in Danish higher secondary education 2012-16 supported by a grant from the Velux Foundation. www.drible.dk

Ÿ  Participant in a comparative Nordic research project on relations between vocational education and the labour market 2010-11 supported by Nordic Council of Ministers. 

Ÿ  Research project 2009-10 on school based vocational education in Denmark with Ida Juul, DPU funded by Danish Ministry of Education. 

Ÿ  Participant in major national research project Fastholdelse af elever i det danske erhvervs-uddannelsessystem (retention of student in the Danish VET) funded by the Strategic Research Council in collaboration of 6 Danish universities institutions 2009 – 2013. 

Ÿ  Partner in European research project Hybrid Qualifications on the connection between VET and Higher Education in Germany, England, Austria and Denmark in 2009 - 2011.

Ÿ  Participant in a comparative Nordic research project on retention in higher secondary education 2009 – 2010 supported by Nordic Council of Ministers. 

Ÿ  Participant in a comparative Nordic research project on school to work transitions in the Nordic countries 2007-2009. 

Ÿ  Coordinator of research project the Role of Vocations in the Danish VET system 2006-08.

Ÿ  Participant in research project Learning environments at the workplace funded by The Centre for Development of Human Resources and Quality Management (SCKK). 

Ÿ  Co-director of major research project Learning in Working Life 2001 – 2004 under Professor Knud Illeris in collaboration between four universities and research groups.


Academic and work experience

Ÿ  2014 – Professor mso Department of Psychology &Educational Studies, Roskilde University

Ÿ  2010 - 2011 Guest professor at Stockholm University, UTEP

Ÿ  2001 – 2014 Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology & Educational Studies, Roskilde University

Ÿ  1999 – 2001 Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology &Educational Studies

Ÿ  1994 – 1999 Scientific assistant and doctoral student in Ph.D. project on educational planning and work life at Department of Psychology &Educational Studies, Roskilde University

Ÿ  1992 – 1994 Secretary for the Nordic research project Future of the Nordic Labour Market Model

Ÿ  1994 – 1997 Educational consultant for the Danish Confederation of Food & Beverage Workers

Ÿ  1992 – 1994 Teacher of teacher training and educational consultant at Department of Labour Market Training of the Danish Ministry of Labour.

Ÿ  1986 – 1992 Teacher and project manager at the Youth Training Programme under the Labour Market Training Center (Arbejdsmarkedsuddannelserne, AMU). 

Ÿ  1984 – 1985 Assistant at Developmental School Project in Central America

Ÿ  1979 – 1986 Employments as technician and skilled mechanic at DISA, B&W Motors, a.o.


Educational credentials

Ÿ  1999 – 2010 Further training in project management, ICT, didactics, scientific method, a.o.

Ÿ  1999 Phd in Educational Studies at Roskilde University 

Ÿ  1995 Master of Adult education and Human Resource development at Roskilde University 

Ÿ  1992 Master of Social Sciences (cand.scient.soc.) at Roskilde University

Ÿ  1990 Bachelor of Social Sciences at Roskilde University

Ÿ  1989 ‘Pædagogikum’: Diploma in vocational pedagogy from Danish Institute of Vocational Teacher Training.

Ÿ  1979 – 86 Further training programmes in programming and Adult Education and pedagogy

Ÿ  1975 - 1979 Apprenticeship at GERIAS machinery manufacturer and journeyman’s certificate in engineering at Vocational College of Copenhagen


Network and boards

Ÿ  Member of 2015 of Management Board of Journal of Vocational Education and Training.

Ÿ  Member from 2013 of Editorial Board of Utbildning och Lärande and International Journal for research in Vocational Education and Training.

Ÿ  Member of board of Nordyrk, Nordic Vocational education and training research network from 2010-15 and co-organiser of the Nordyrk Conference in Roskilde in 2012 and 2016.

Ÿ  Co-initiater and member of the second ESREA network Work & Learning from 2011 and co-convenor of the second network conference at Osnabrück University, Germany, March 31—April 2, 2014. www.wll-conference-2014.de

Ÿ  Chief editor 2005 – 09 of the Danish Journal of Work Life, a refereed Danish research journal: http://www.nyt-om-arbejdsliv.dk/

Ÿ  Member 2006 – 2014 of Editorial Board of Human Resource Development Review and referee of several other journals

Ÿ  Member of National VET Research Network in Denmark (Forsker-Praktiker Netværket) from 2003 and member of the coordinating committee 2008-12.

Ÿ  Participant in VETNET under the EERA 2003-2016 http://www.vet-research.net/about

Ÿ  Member of international Research Network VET and Culture from 2004 and organizer of the network conference in Gilleleje, Denmark 2004 http://www.peda.net/veraja/uta/vetculture 


Selected publications


*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2018). Learning from vocational education in the Nordic countries. I C. H. Jørgensen, O. J. Olsen, & D. Persson Thunqvist (Eds.), Vocational education in the Nordic countries: learning from diversity. London: Routledge

*       Jørgensen, C. H., Bohlinger, S., Haake, U., & Toiviainen, H. (2015). Working and Learning in Times of Uncertainty: Challenges to Adult, Professional and Vocational Education. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2013). Linking the dual system with higher education in Denmark: - when strength becomes weakness. I T. Deissinger, J. Aff, A. Fuller, & C. Helms Jørgensen (red.), Hybrid Qualifications: : Structures and Problems in the Context of European vet policy. (s. 53 - 78). Bern : Peter Lang.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (red.) (2013). Drenge og maskuliniteter i ungdomsuddannelserne [Boys and Masculinities in Youth Education]. Frederiksberg: Roskilde University Press.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (red.) (2011). Frafald i erhvervsuddannelserne [Drop-out in Vocational Education]. Frederiksberg: Roskilde University Press.

*       Jørgensen, C. H., & Aarkrog, V. (Eds.) (2008). Divergence and Convergence in Education and Work. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang. (Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education).

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2006). Utbildningsplanering: samspel mellan utbildning och arbete [education planning: connecting education and work] Lund: Studentlitteratur.


Selected articles

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2018). The modernisation of the apprenticeship system in Denmark 1945 - 2015. I S. Michelsen, & M-L. Stenström (red.), Vocational education in the Nordic countries: the historical evolution. London: Routledge.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2018). From apprenticeship to higher vocational education in Denmark: - building bridges while the gap is widening. Journal of Vocational Education and Training.
Vol. 69, Nr. 1, s. 64-80.

*       Jørgensen, C.H. (2017), Frafald fra erhvervsuddannelserne: - mellem social eksklusion og institutionel selektion . i Drenges og mænds inklusion på kønnede uddannelser. Frydenlund Academic.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2016). Reformen af erhvervsuddannelserne: En gang til, forfra og om igen . Dansk Paedagogisk Tidsskrift, 2016(4).

*       Jørgensen, C. H., Michelsen, S., Olofsson, J., & Thunqvist , D. P. (2016). Same, but different: – emergence of VET in three Nordic Countries. In Ester Berner & Phillipp Gonon (Eds.), History of Vocational Education and Training: Cases, Concepts and Challenges. (p. 305-326). Bern : Peter Lang.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2016). Shifting problems and shifting policies to reduce students’ drop-out: – the case of vocational education policy in Denmark. In S. Bohlinger , K. A. Dang , & G. Klatt (red.), Education Policy: Mapping the landscape and scope. (p. 325 - 353). Bern: Peter Lang.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2016). ”Jeg er født med det i blodet”: Drenges traditionelle uddannelsesvalg i en senmoderne tid. Dansk Paedagogisk Tidsskrift, 2016(1), 34-48.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2015). Challenges for work-based learning in vocational education and training in the Nordic Countries. I S. Bohlinger, U. Haake, C. H. Jørgensen, H. Toiviainen, & A. Wallo (eds.), Work-based Learning and professional development in times of globalisation. Bern : Peter Lang (p. 159-171).

*       Jørgensen, C. H., Nielsen, K., & Pedersen, L. T. (2015). Students’ Experiences of Ability-based Streaming in Vocational Education. Education + Training, 57(7).

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2015). Some boys' problems in education: – what is the role of VET? Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 67(1), 62-77.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2014). Udfordringer for den arbejdsbaserede læring i erhvervsuddannelserne. I H. Kock (red.), Lärande i arbetslivet – möjligheter och utmaningar: s. 177-197. Linköpings universitet: Linköpings universitet.

*       Jørgensen, C. H., & Nielsen , K. (2013). Frafald fra erhvervsuddannelserne: - mod en mere nuanceret forståelse . Utbildning och Lärande, 7(1), 14-31. [1].

*       Nielsen, K., & Jørgensen, C. H. (2013). Frafald, omvalg eller fravalgt?. Dansk Pædagogisk Tidsskrift, 2013(3), 86 - 96.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2013). The role and meaning of vocations in the transition from education to work. International Journal of Training Research, 11(2), 167-184.

*       Jørgensen, C. H., Deissinger, T., Aff, J., & Fuller, A. (red.) (2013). Hybrid Qualifications: Structures and Problems in the Context of European vet policy. Bern, Peter Lang

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2012). Manglende ungdomsuddannelse: – årsager og løsninger. Samfundsøkonomen, 2012(2), 24-29.

*       Jørgensen, C. H. (2012). Har erhvervsuddannelserne en fremtid?: Styrker og svagheder, udfordringer og potentialer. Dansk Paedagogisk Tidsskrift, (1), 7-13.

*       Juul, I., & Jørgensen, C. H. (2011). Challenges for the Dual system and the occupational self-governance in Denmark. Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 63(3), 289-303.



  • Education, Learning, Training
  • Low skilled workers
  • Learning at work
  • Education planning
  • Comparative studies of education

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