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Organisation profile

Organisation profile

In Physics and Mathematics, we conduct research on the basis of a holistic perspective characterized by the three aspects ‘In’, ‘About’ and ‘With’, which create synergy between the disciplines and establish a framework for interdisciplinary discussions.

  • ‘In physics’, our basic scientific research is centred on the structure and dynamics of simple, soft and complex substances. We strive to acquire a fundamental understanding of the properties of materials on a scale ranging from the atomic and molecular to the macroscopic. Our methods are comprised of various types of experiments, in close interaction with computer simulations and mathematical modelling.
  • ‘In mathematics’ is expressed through work with the basic scientific prerequisites for mathematical modelling, with a special focus on dynamic systems.
  • The didactics of mathematics and physics form the framework for most of the research in ‘About mathematics and physics’, and in IMFUFA, ongoing reflection takes place in various ways on aspects of the subjects’ theory and scientific history.
  • ‘With physics and mathematics’ is extended by mathematical modelling in biology and medicine, especially physiology and epidemiology. IMFUFA also houses the department’s combined interdisciplinary activities in epidemiology. The ‘With’ perspective is further extended by classical mathematical-physical modelling, based on our work with soft and amorphous substances. We are also involved in more application-oriented projects in collaboration with private and public external partners.

IMFUFA is a professional community in constant motion, and a centre for critical academic reflection. Our holistic perspective provides a fruitful framework for a unique international research environment in which researchers and students in both physics and mathematics enrich each other’s research focus and subjects in disciplines that are otherwise traditionally characterized by extreme specialization. IMFUFA possesses a highly specialized workshop, in which new experimental setups are continuously being developed in close collaboration between researchers and technicians.

IMFUFA also organizes a series of seminars that reflect the subject group’s broadly oriented research profile, seen from an ‘In’, ‘About’ and ‘With’ point of view, respectively. IMFUFA is an acronym for Indsatsområdet for Studiet af Matematik og Fysik samt deres Funktioner i Undervisning, Forskning og Anvendelser (Focus area for the Study of Mathematics and Physics and their Functions in Teaching, Research and Applications).

  • IMFUFA is home to the research centre ‘Glass and Time’, which explores the dynamics of viscous liquids in an interplay between theory, simulation and experiment. The centre is a spin-off of the basic research centre of the same name (2005-2015).
  • IMFUFA is the driving force behind FRUSTMI (the RUC Centre for Frustrated Molecular Interactions), which brings together all disciplines across the Department of Science and Environment with a focus on interdisciplinary problems in the self-organization of soft and biological materials.
  • IMFUFA is involved in the research facilities ESS (European Spallation Source) and Max IV in Lund, Sweden, which will be the world’s leading centre for materials research with X-ray and neutron scattering.

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