Economic Policy, Institutions and Change

Organization profile

Organisation profile

EPIC is an interdisciplinary research group conducting research on contemporary economic dynamics in advanced, emerging and developing countries, with a particular interest in the relationship between economic policy and institutional change.

Our research can be organized in three overall themes, with each their main subthemes:

Capitalist transformations and development

  • the nature, pace and outcomes of capitalist transformation processes
  • the developmental state, industrial policy and economic development
  • the interplay of local firms and transnational companies in global value chains (GVCs)
  • employment promotion and informality in the Global South

International trade and sustainability

  • the drivers and impacts of foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • economic and social impacts of climate change
  • the promotion of sustainability in consumption, production and trade

Macroeconomics, money and finance

  • financialization, shareholder value and corporate governance regulation
  • the causes and consequences of macroeconomic imbalances, globally and regionally
  • dilemmas and crises of European integration
  • the changing objectives and practices of monetary policy and financial regulation

Researchers in the group provide unique insights on these issues by applying methodologies that emphasize in-depth country knowledge as well as comparative work and by employing both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Theoretically, our research is multi-faceted, but we all share an interest in pluralism in economics and in global political economy. With respect to economics, the main theoretical strands we engage with are evolutionary economics, post-Keynesian economics and ecological economics.

Activities 2020 2020

  • 1 Peer review of manuscripts
  • 1 Visiting an external academic institution

Swinburne University of Technology

Slobodan Kacanski (Visiting researcher)
25 Jan 202021 Feb 2020

Activity: Visiting an external institutionVisiting an external academic institution

Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society (Journal)

Slobodan Kacanski (Editor)
Jan 2020Mar 2020

Activity: Editorial work and peer reviewPeer review of manuscriptsResearch