Why the global “Trump era” could last for thirty years

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Lecture and Panel Debate on Globalization and Populism with Robert Wade.
Why the global “Trump era” could last for thirty years
Robert H. Wade, London School of Economics

The global Trump era is characterized, at national level, by disenchantment with liberal democracy, and fragmentation of once-stable center-right/center-left politics. At international level, by disenchantment with globalization ideology, rising importance of regional trade blocs and tit-for-tat economic relations, and grid-lock in some global governance organizations (eg WTO). I argue that these trends are likely to characterize the world system for “a long time”, reflecting responses to the unequalizing effects of the new “growth regime” of “globotics” (globalization plus robots), especially in the labour market – given that few countries will follow Denmark’s “flexicurity” system of active labour market policies.

Globalization and Populism
Angela Bourne (RUC), Gorm Rye Olsen (RUC) and Robert Wade (LSE)
Period5 Mar 2020
Event titleInternationalization and Roskilde University
Event typeConference
LocationLa Sapienza-universitetet, Rom
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