Violence and Religion: Some Critical Reflections on Apocalyptic Jihad”.

Activity: Talk or presentationLecture and oral contribution


The question of violence and religion, argues René Girard, “arouses a great deal of justified interest today. It is a difficult and complex question. If we simply ask, `is this or that religion violent or peaceful?´ we do not take into account the fact that violence comes from us human beings. We all believe this regardless of whether we believe in God or not. The question of religious violence, therefore, is first and foremost a human question, a social and anthropological question, and not a directly religious question.” (Girard 2004:1) In this lecture, however, Girard's concluding remark will be framed differently . Exploring violence as a religious question, the modern phenomenon of Jihad will be in focus. Through the lenses of both Islamic theology and jurisprudence, Jihad will be discussed as a theological question through two paradigms, both modern theories of violence (Walter Benjamin, Carl Schmitt, René Girard, Fethi Benslama) and Jihadi Salafism (al-Qaida and the Islamic State).
Period10 Nov 2021
Held atLund University, Sweden
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Religion
  • Violence
  • Walter Benjamin
  • Carl Schmitt
  • Fethi Benslama
  • Theology
  • Jurisprudence
  • ISIS
  • Qu’aida