Relational and Affective Aesthetics - Leaving the House

Samson, K. (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationLecture and oral contribution


In Rimini Protokoll’s recent Remote X, participants were immersed in the urban
environments and guided by a synthetic voice ordering the pack to perform various
practices. In this piece of post-dramatic theatre, aesthetics had no structural nor
physical boundaries but emerges as affective relations and situations among the
participants, the soundscape and the durational experience of the surrounding
urban environment. Whereas Rimini Protokoll clearly work with cross-over
aesthetics between sound art, performance art and art in public, this art work
phenomenon points to the current status of aesthetics in a broader sense – where
aesthetics is no longer confined by an art object but is an immersive, relaaonal and
affective experience taking place in a broader environment.
The presentation seeks to explore affective and relational aesthetics in and beyond
the work of art. Drawing briefly on notions of affect, relationality (Massumi,
Manning, Deleuze) and the social and situational turn in contemporary art criticism
(Jackson, Bishop, Doherty), the propositions will address questions such as:
How can we understand aesthetics without a place, without an object?
Can immersive aesthetics in recent performance and contemporary art open up
towards a better understanding of everyday aesthetics of, for instance, urban
environments, events and the commons?
And if we are immersed in every day relational and affective environments, how does
it affect our understanding of design objects, architecture and the art object?
Period6 Dec 2018
Event titleResearch colloquium Aesthetics: Windows and Doors
Event typeSeminar
LocationLund, Sweden
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Aesthetics
  • Aesthetic theory
  • Affect
  • urban culture
  • Performance art
  • Performance culture
  • postdramatic theatre
  • audio walks
  • immersive theatre
  • immersion
  • relationality
  • affective urbanism
  • event
  • event cities