Parenting for digital literacy in Denmark and Germany: exacerbating inequality by promoting alienating child-adult ontologies

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Inequality-promoting policy-making in Early Childhood Education and Care is also
engrained in the ontological and epistemological concepts used in order to maintain and transform
institutional practice. On the grounds of a qualitative-heuristic, phronetic analysis of online
documents and ethnographic empirical material generated in daycare institutions in Germany and Denmark, the presentation exemplifies how current discourses on parenting for digital literacy
perpetuate alienating child-adult ontologies. It thereby exercises epistemological violence, which
hampers transgenerational pedagogical collaboration and thus parents’, pedagogues’ and
children’s possibilities for understanding themselves as citizens actively contributing to maintaining
and transforming digital capitalism.
Period17 Oct 2018
Event title26th International RECE conference 2018 : Inequality in Early Childhood Education and Care
Event typeConference
Conference number26
LocationCopenhagen, DenmarkShow on map