Nordic Network in Political Theory 2012

Lægaard, S. (Organizer)

Activity: Participating in or organising an eventOrganisation and participation in conference


Nordic Network in Political Theory 25-27. Oktober 2012 Hotel Prindsen, Algade 13, DK-4000 Roskilde – Program Dato Kl. 25. oktober 13.00 Velkomst Jouni Reinikainen (Stockholm): “Polityical Self-determination and Recursive Secession” Kommentator: Jasmina Nedevska (Stockholm) Kim Angell (Oslo): "Is There a Duty to Modify One’s Way of Life? The Case of Territory" Kommentator: Jouni Reinikainen (Stockholm) 15.00 Eftermiddagskaffe Reidar Maliks (Oslo): "The Legitimacy of International Human Rights Courts" Kommentator: Naima Chahboun (Stockholm) Martin Westergren (Stockholm): “Global Institutions, Capacity for Agency, and Responsibility for Justice” Kommentator: Søren Flinch Midtgaard (Aarhus) 18.00 Konferencemiddag 26. oktober 07.00 Morgenbuffet 09.00 Sune Lægaard (Roskilde): “What’s (un)problematic about religious establishment? The alienation and symbolic equality accounts” Kommentator: Reidar Maliks (Oslo) 10.00 Formiddagskaffe Malcolm Langford (Oslo): “Democratic Legitimacy and Judicial Review: A Responsive Theory” Kommentator: Ludvig Beckman (Stockholm) Jörgen Ödalen (Uppsala): "A New Nansen Passport for the Territorially Dispossessed" Kommentator: Malcolm Langford (Oslo) 12.00 Frokost 13.00 Andreas Albertsen (Aarhus): “The importance of choice: Responsibility and distributive justice” Kommentator: Gina Gustavsson (Uppsala) Søren Flinch Midtgaard (Aarhus): “Paternalism and Prostitution” Kommentator: Helen Lindberg (Linköping) 15.00 Eftermiddagskaffe Gina Gustavsson (Uppsala): "Romantic Liberalism - A book proposal" Kommentator: Kim Angell (Oslo) Naima Chahboun (Stockholm): "Ideal Theory’s Neglect of Power: The Case Against Reason" Kommentator: Raino Malnes (Oslo) Raino Malnes (Oslo): “Explaining Action” Kommentator: Andreas Albertsen (Aarhus) 18.00 Konferencemiddag 27. oktober 07.00 Morgenbuffet 09.00 Thomas Søbirk Petersen (Roskilde): "Being worse off - but in comparison to what? On the harm principle and the problem of baseline" Kommentator: Martin Westergren (Stockholm) 10.00 Formiddagskaffe Ludvig Beckman (Stockholm): “The coherence of popular sovereignty: exploring the ‘paradox’ of constituting public power and constituting the people" Kommentator: Jörgen Ödalen (Uppsala) Jasmina Nedevska (Stockholm): ”Determinants of Collective Identity – the Global and Generational Challenges” Kommentator: Thomas Søbirk Petersen (Roskilde) 11.30 Mødet forventes slut
Period25 Oct 201227 Oct 2012
Event typeConference
LocationRoskilde, Denmark