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International Political Sociology

International Political Sociology, (IPS), responds to the need for more productive collaboration among political sociologists, international relations specialists and sociopolitical theorists. It is especially concerned with challenges arising from contemporary transformations of social, political, and global orders given the statist forms of traditional sociologies and the marginalization of social processes in many approaches to international relations. IPS is committed to theoretical innovation, new modes of empirical research and the geographical and cultural diversification of research beyond the usual circuits of European and North-American scholarship. In order to help broaden the community engaging in international studies, the journal will facilitate the submission of articles in languages other than English.

The Body Politic, Colonial Rule and European Union Police Mission in the Palestinian Authority
Period1 Jun 201617 Oct 2016
Type of journalJournal


  • body politic
  • Palestinian Authority
  • Colonial rule
  • normalization