Future of Palestine: One State, Two States, No State

Pace, M. (Speaker), Haim Yacobi (Speaker), Per Stig Møller (Speaker), Lars Erslev Andersen (Speaker), Saer El-Jaichi (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationLecture and oral contribution


The vision to improve the lives of the Israeli and Palestinian people out in the new US plan Peace to Prosperity published January this year is untenable. A vision developed without the participation of the Palestinian and with an American reframing of basic principle for a peaceful solution set out by the international society. While no one can deny that the UN resolutions have produced no progress on the ground, the new US approach nonetheless represents a dramatic, unilateral change of the framework without negotiation with other parties than Israel. This unilateral approach has met severe criticism from both the Palestinians, Middle Eastern states, EU and the UN.

Since the breakdown of The Road Map to Peace no real negotiations have taken place. The informal Israeli annexation of the West Bank by way of settlements has continued increasing Israeli sovereignty of Palestinian territory, in 2018 the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem and latest the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have normalized diplomatic relations with Israel. What does all that mean for a peaceful solution? A Policy Brief written by Palestinian political scientist and diplomat Yuad Jaradat and DIIS researcher Lars Erslev Andersen maintains that a sovereign Palestinian state remains the only sustainable solution – but will that ever happen?
Period29 Oct 2020
Held atDansk Institut for Internationale Studier, Denmark
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Palestine
  • Palestine-Israeli conflict
  • one state
  • two states
  • settler colonialism
  • apartheid
  • Human Rights
  • Refugees
  • Jerusalem
  • Self-determination
  • two-state confederation
  • one equal state
  • one unequal state
  • political solution
  • Conflict
  • conflict resolution
  • negotiations
  • peace proposals
  • violence
  • peace
  • mediation
  • Israel
  • Israeli occupation
  • annexation
  • United States
  • Russia
  • European Union
  • Denmark
  • United Nations
  • Quartet
  • civil society
  • localisation
  • international aid
  • humanitarianism
  • Palestinian National Authority
  • Palestinian Liberation Organisation
  • state
  • elections
  • Fatah
  • Hamas
  • national unity government