EMPTY THE REFUGEE CAMP! - a dinner party with new friends

  • Jose Joaquin Arce Bayona (Participant)
  • Steve Ross (Participant)
  • Suárez-Krabbe, J. (Participant)

Activity: Other


On the 22nd of December every refugee from Sjælsmark deportation camp has been invited to an evening of food, speeches, koncerts, and dj's – you are invited to join us!

A three course dinner made by a highly trained chef will be served while listening to Jazz and speeches. After the dinner we will move to the lounge where all kinds of music will be played during the night, from Arabia and Kurdish to Cumbia and Afro.

In Sjælsmark people are waiting to be sent back to their country of origin. Waiting for the war to be over, waiting for the corruption to end or simply waiting for the government to accept their sexuality. People in Sjælsmark have no idea if they have a future or if they are going to be free again. Out of the windows all you see is fences, you have no money for transport and your last meal in the cantine is served at five o'clock. No one deserves this!

This evening is simply about talking, listening, drinking, eating, having fun and sharing experiences, and this will hopefully make a small but valuable difference for us all. The camp of Sjælsmark will be completely empty this night, not because we have found a solution - but because they get a break.

To attend this evening we ask you to buy a ticket for the price of 250 kr. By buying a ticket you pay for yourself and a person from Sjælsmark. This includes dinner and 10 drinks in the bar. Buy two tickets at the same time and you save 100 kr (limited amount of tickets).

If you are not up for the dinner, but only the party - please follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/825582120898165/

With love

Common Ground// Freedom of Movements// No Borders// The Candy Factory.
Period22 Dec 2015
Held atBolsjefabrikken, Denmark
Degree of RecognitionInternational