Designing for Networked Communications: Strategies and Development (Journal)

Jensen, S. S. (Editor)

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    Designing for Networked Communications is to be a book about how we plan, use and understand the products and the dynamic social processes or tasks upon which depend some of the most vital innovations - social as well as technological - in the knowledge society. Networked communication is proliferating. To-day, not only are existing mediated forms of communication being remediated in electronic form, but also hitherto direct forms of communication in complicated social settings are being supplemented or even replaced by computer mediated communication (CMC). We are coming to depend on CMC-products. As a result, the way they function and the way we use them inevitably influences or even determines how we communicate and how we think about communication
    Emneord: design, networked communication
    Period8 Feb 200515 Jun 2006
    Type of journalJournal


    • design, networked communication