What's TTIP got to do with it? Et netværksstudie af fagforeningerne i magteliten

Jacob Jensen, Rasmus Thorbjørn Calundan Levinsen & Benjamin Kold Rosenkilde

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


This project’s focus, is on the Danish unions positioning towards the ongoing TTIP negotiations, why there is a general consensus within the unions and what can explain the the deviation from this consensus. To analyze this, we adopt an iterative sequential methodological approach. With this approach, we collect qualitative empirical data, which we morph to quantitative data and analyze. The quantitative analysis does not reveal much information, because of a low amount of observations. Therefore we qualitative assess the quantitative data, which allows us, through the analysis, to show tendencies towards shared positions to TTIP, with your network. We then apply a theoretical analysis as the last layer, where we show that our selected individual’s unions TTIP positioning, comply with the individual’s network’s positioning. After the analysis, we firstly discuss the level of explanatory strength og the theory. Here we conclude that, even though the theory was formulated on the basis of everyday interaction, this does not mean that Power Elite individuals, are a different kind of human, and have other socialisation patterns. Lastly we discuss whether there are other factors that can affect the unions’ positioning. We do find that there are other factors, such as their hinterland and other opposing interests, that have weight.

UddannelserSocialvidenskab, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato25 maj 2016
Antal sider69
VejledereKristoffer Kropp