Well Being of Drug Addicts and Drug Administration

Mads Pliniussen, Jens Erfurt Nielsen, Emil Viuf Christiansen & Maxim Belov

Studenteropgave: Basisprojekt


In this paper, three different drug enforcement policies are investigated, the policies of Sweden, Holland and Portugal. These countries have different approaches towards drugs and addicts. Sweden is the country, which has the strictest policy against drugs. Holland on the other hand, allows certain soft drugs to be consumed. Ultimately Portugal has the most the "softest" approach, in terms of decriminalizing all drugs. This examination strives to achieve an overview of the tendencies and patterns that describe the chosen drug polices of the three different countries. In fact, insight into how each country encounters drug addicts, and what factors are perceived as the most influential in order to improve the lives of these people is produced. In relation to this, the investigation looks into the concept of well being by emphasizing the main aspects of what it contains. It is important to acknowledge that, well being entails many diverse perceptions and definitions. Due to this, it easily becomes an abstract concept, which can be used in many different relations, however this is narrowed down via interviews in order to be used in the investigation. By this, the hope is to acquire the necessary knowledge to point out the most important elements in this concept and then be able to define well being in a sufficient level. Ultimately, when all this knowledge is acquired, the aim is to examine which one of these three countries has the most efficient drug policy regarding the well being of drug addicts.

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