VR for Én, VR for Alle: En meningsfuld social spiloplevelse for VR-spiller og spillere uden for VR-miljøet

Nicholas Lind Willumsen, Allan Teilgaard Carlsen, Jens Bo Pedersen & Martin Verner Kampmann

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


This paper aims to specify how an offline Virtual Reality (VR) game can offer a meaningful social game experience which includes both the VR-player and players outside the virtual environment.
Through proper use of Salen and Zimmerman’s ‘Meaningful Play’ theory alongside James Gibson’s ‘Theory of Affordance’, we created an offline VR-game which created a meaningful context for both the VR-player and the players outside the virtual environment.
To strengthen the VR-design aspect of the game, we used Jason Jerald’s theories of ‘Immersion’ and ‘Presence’ to create a virtual environment which, through its design, allowed for the VR-player to be completely engaged in the environment, thus forgetting his physical location in the real world.
The project group defined a meaningful social game experience by the number and value of social interactions. To assess which interactions we thought relevant for a meaningful social game experience, the project group held a control test and an actual test of players playing the game. Following these tests, we conducted a subjective analysis of the social interactions between the players and categorized these in accordance with Joseph Maxwell’s theory of coding. Furthermore, the test segment was asked to fill out a questionnaire, which provided the project group with data more concisely relating to the game’s design implementations.
We found that the games design implementations were largely successful and that the game succeeded in establishing a more meaningful social game experience, compared to the controlled version of the game, which did not include players outside the VR-environment.
We also found that the game was not the only contributor to meaning. The players themselves also affected others around them through their psychological personas.

UddannelserBasis - Humanistisk-Teknologisk Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Bachelor
Antal sider104
VejledereInger Louise Berling Hyams


  • VR
  • Meaningful Play
  • Spildesign