Videojournalisters arbejde med sårbare medvirkende i reportage- og dokumentargenren

Sara Stoksbjerg Buhl Christiansen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


The purpose of the current study was to explore the videojournalist work with “vulnerable sources” in the tv and documentary film genre. The main focus of the study was to investigate the ethical dilemmas and relational challenges experienced by the videojournalist when working with vulnerable sources, as well as which considerations the videojournalist takes into account with the aforementioned clientele. It is an empirical study which is based on phenomenological interviews with six videojournalists whom are working with vulnerable sources, and participant observations of supervisory meetings between videojournalists and a supervising psychologist. The data gathered from the interviews and observations have been analyzed through a hermeneutical method, which has resulted in the discovery of themes relevant for the study. The results of the analysis showed that when working with vulnerable sources, the videojournalist feel a greater relational commitment to the sources, as well as experiencing difficulties in navigating between the expectations and demands of the source, the illustrated factual reality to the intended viewer and the production goals, which is largely due to ethical dilemmas. The results also showed that vulnerable sources are at higher risk of experiencing negative consequences as a result of participating in a documentary production, and often require special attention to their vulnerable factors, to reduce the risk of having a negative experience in relation to their participation. The videojournalist employ their empathetic skills, conscience and situational awareness to reduce such risks for the vulnerable sources. In this regard, it was found that both psychology and ethical philosophical considerations hold a promising perspective in preventing harm coming to the vulnerable sources as well as the videojournalist.

UddannelserPsykologi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) KandidatJournalistik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato17 jan. 2018
Antal sider100
VejledereMikka Nielsen & Mads Kæmsgaard Eberholst


  • Videojournalistik
  • Dokumentargenre
  • Sårbare medvirkende
  • Sårbarhed
  • Etik
  • Psykologi
  • Journalistik
  • K.E. Løgstrup
  • Martin Buber
  • K.J. Gergen
  • Dokumentarisme