Værdisætning af naturoplevelser: En empirisk undersøgelse af naturoplevelsers værdisætning i Naturlandet

Maria Louise Reitzel

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


Climate change, loss of biodiversity and unrenewable resources are drastically making changes on our planet and its ecosystem. Changes that eventually will also affect humanity, unless something is done to resolve these problems. Tony Juniper, a British biologist, writer and environmentalist, advocates for a change in how the society values nature. There is a need to appreciate the economic valuation of nature, in order to make it a priority to preserve and protect it. Some natural values cannot be given a direct economic value, but still have value to some people, for example in form of recreational value (Juniper, 2012). One of the theories that looks in to this, is the ecological footprint, that also deals with the importance of clarifying how humanity’s use of natural resources affect the overall economical balance. In the municipalities of Guldborgsund and Lolland, a project has been initiated which targets some of these challenges. The project is called Projekt Naturlandet, and it aims to promote the unique nature in the two municipalities, and by doing so motivate locals and tourist to use the nature as part of an active lifestyle. One of the benefits of doing so is to strength the businesses in the local communities and make trips out in the nature as a part of the school schedule (Guldborgsund og Lolland Kommuner, 2016). This project is based on a collaboration with Projekt Naturlandet, and it aims to investigate how the users of the nature destinations valuate their experiences. The project wish to identify what it is that makes the nature experiences valuable for the individual users, and how their valuation affects their use of, and relationship to nature. To do so, I have gathered observations and interviews in the nature area of Bøtø on southern Falster, and in Guldborgsund Zoo & Botanical Garden. I have used ethnographic methods to gather the data, and designed cards which shows the respondents’ micro- and makrogeography. Furthermore, I have used the house price model and travel cost method to calculate the total cost of the respondents’ natural experience. The analysis of the respondents’ statements is also based on Noel Castrees different definitions and meanings of nature. The results show that there is a general difference in how people think of nature. This difference depends on the expectations they have prior to their natural experience. These expectations also depend on whether they have to pay to achieve the natural experience or not.

UddannelserGeografi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato3 jun. 2019
Antal sider62
VejledereThomas Skou Grindsted


  • Miljø
  • Biodiversitet
  • Værdisætning af natur
  • Naturoplevelse
  • Projekt Naturlandet
  • Guldborgsund
  • Guldborgsund Zoo & Botaniske Have
  • Noel Castree
  • Naturforståelse
  • Klimaforandringer
  • Brugeroplevelser