Using electrochemistry to graft ethylenediamine as a blocking layer in perovskite solar cells

David Brian Noirat

Studenteropgave: Masterafhandling


In this thesis, the use of cyclic voltammetry to graft non conductive molecules on the anode of methylamine-lead-triiodide perovskite solar cells to decrease the backward current was investigated. Ethylenediamine was used in an oxidative pathway onto fluorine doped tin oxide and aryl diazonium salt in a reductive pathway. Both compounds did not yield any increase in the efficiency compared to a standard without a TiO2 blocking layer. The mechanism supposed to be at work in non conductive blocking layer is long distance electron tunneling. Given that the potential drop between forward and backward currents expected to be very small, only a very small window of thicknesses allows for the reduction of just one of them, thus increasing the overall efficiency. Unfortunately, the techniques to find the actual thickness of the blocking layer were not readily available.

UddannelserKemi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato2 jan. 2018
VejledereTorben Lund