Universitetspraktik: Mere job end uddannelse? En undersøgelse af universitetspraktikanters motiver og vilkår i mediebranchen

Frederik Vad Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


The objective of this bachelor thesis is to investigate possible motives of Danish university students undergoing internships in the media business, and to clarify whether the rise in the number of interns in general can be explained in the light of the ongoing changes on the labour market, when it comes to employment and work conditions. The study finds that the primary focus of Danish interns in the media business is on the career making opportunities that internships potentially hold, and that the educational aim of the internship is considered less important. This priority seems ironic given the fact that Danish internships officially are called project-oriented courses, which indicates the opposite. Interns are not a direct part of the precariat, but during their internships they do precarious work due to the lack of basic rights such as pay, overtime protection etc. Despite the absence of these rights, more and more students participate in internships.

The study suggests, that the logics of the competitive state could be one of the reasons why the students, universities and unions all have become so fond of internships. In general, internships are based on the interests of the employees, who can profit from the students’ free labour without offering anything in return but work experience for the students’ resumes or in best case a recommendation. Not only the students work for free these days. The number of permanent positions on today’s labour market is shrinking day by day to be transformed into temporary or part time jobs, making it harder for recent graduates to get a foothold in the various industries. Therefore, highly educated people participate in unpaid internships in hope of getting a job with pay later on. Combined these tendencies threatens to depreciate the value of qualified labour leading to exploitation of workers.

UddannelserArbejdslivsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Antal sider54
VejledereKlaus T. Nielsen


  • universitetspraktik
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