Unge og uddannelsesparathedsvurderingen - En analyse af en gruppe unges positioneringsmuligheder set i lyset af uddannelsesparathedsvurderingen

Anne Kyed Vejbæk & Kirstine Bygballe Mikkelsen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Following the reform of the Danish vocational school system in 2014 changes were made to the guidance act including changes to the procedure for education readiness assessments. The changes meant that the first assessment of the student’s academic, personal and social qualifications required to begin and complete their desired education now took place in 8th. grade. This thesis examines a group of young people who in the 8.th grade has been estimated not to have the academic, personal and social qualifications yet to be ready for further education. The thesis is based on empirical data gathered from workshops and individual interviews with young people from five different schools. Based on the collected data this thesis examines how the education readiness assessment affects the young people’s options for positioning, as well as focusing on the effect this assessment has on their orientation towards education and their future. The research question is examined from a post-structuralistic point of view and with Bronwyn Davies as the main theoretical inspiration to see which stories it is possible for the young people to tell in relation to their education readiness assessment. The thesis shows, amongst other things, how a negative outcome of the education readiness assessment effects the young people’s options for positioning depending on what storyline is accessible to them. Based on the analyses in this thesis it is concluded that the education readiness assessment contributes as yet another sorting mechanism in the Danish elementary school system and that the assessment is making it more difficult for the young people to be oriented towards an alternative to education.

UddannelserSocialvidenskab, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato7 mar. 2016
VejledereHanne Warming & Lene Larsen


  • Ungeperspektiv
  • uddannelsesparathedsvurdering
  • Normalitet
  • Vejledning
  • Positionering
  • UU-vejledning
  • Ikke-uddannelsesparat
  • Kontraktliggørelse
  • Respektabilitet
  • Erhvervsskolereform
  • Uddannelsesparathed
  • Unge