Udenrigsjournalistik - "nothing ever happens in Chile"

Mads Thunestvedt Hansen, Johanne Faigh Larsen & Pernille Baade Jensen

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


This project examines the development in foreign journalism based on three Danish newspapers; Berlingske, Politiken and Jyllands-Posten. The project’s results rely on collected empirical data from two different weeks in respectively 2003, 2010 and 2017. These data have been used along with scientific literature to understand and analyze the structure and development of foreign journalism in the selected years. Through a three folded analysis, the project seeks to cover the development of foreign news and point out some of the greater tendencies and changes within the selected 15 years. The first part of the analysis determines a significant decline in the number of articles defined as foreign news from 2003 to 2017. The second part of the analysis juxtaposes the empirical data with predefined news values and shows that foreign journalism has a tendency to focus on conflict and bad news in general. Also, the analysis determines that soft news earn greater attention according to the articles’ possible shareability. The third part of the analysis shows cohesion between the covered continent and the subject of the article. In addition to this, the project includes a discussion based on the development of foreign journalism and the inclusion of social media in the newsroom. From the discussion, one essential conclusion stands; foreign journalism is changing. A shift indicated by the change from hard news based on political events to soft news concerned around topics such as culture, celebrities and cute animals, but also a change indicated by the challenging of the traditional understanding of a foreign correspondent by new aspiring types of journalists - and journalism.

UddannelserJournalistik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato27 maj 2018
Antal sider41
VejledereJesper Knudsen


  • udenrigsjournalistik
  • journalistik
  • korrespondenter