Trivsel i folkeskolen efter reformen - En kvalitativ undersøgelse af trivsel i den nye folkeskolereform

Maria Walander

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Abstract This thesis is a qualitative study of interdisciplinary collaboration in the new public school reform. The study is performed through interview method and regard the object of study from a social constructionist point of view. Focus is here on revealing how the informants articulate their experiences and deal with the new political demands. At the same time focus is on the political intention of the way that interdisciplinary collaboration politically is regarded as contributing and promoting the health and wellbeing of the pupils. This in terms of the hours added to support the children’s education by adding activities to bring variation into their teaching methods and longer days of school. I found that the informants share a common positive understanding of the intentions in the public school reform but at the same time criticize the organizational terms. Therefore, it is important to uncover the challenges of the terms of such a collaboration practice. Many factors influence as determinants of a well-functioning interdisciplinary collaboration. One of these factors is the importance of good relations to be open for input in an exchanging of ideas and generating of new knowledge. The well-functioning collaboration depends on the personality of the participant and to a lesser degree the professional knowledge. This can reduce stereotypic imaginations of ‘the other’ profession that is bound to a traditional disagreement between the teachers and the pedagogical profession where the school symbolizes a teacher’s domain. In conclusion, I have gained an understanding of the opportunities and limits that my informants face in their everyday life of practicing the reform that is bounded to the context influenced by factors as traditions, environment and social relations.

UddannelserSundhedsfremme og Sundhedsstrategier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato28 jun. 2016
VejledereKatia Dupret


  • Tværprofessionelt samarbejde, folkeskolen, trivsel