Tid og forandring i arbejdslivet - en antologi i arbejdslivsstudier

Johan Lajgaard Ovesen, Rebekka Kjær Svenningsen, Emil Mennan Lund Serefoglu, Sonja Theresa Udengaard Christensen, Tina Hedegaard, Kristian Haldrup, Julie Birkholm Olsen, Søs Marie Elise Harsbo, Amalie Sofie Clausen, Michelle Lyager Johansen, Frederik Rune Hansen, Stefan Rindom Erlendsson, Anita Vognstrup Køldal, Silas Kirkebjerg & Jacqueline Salamida

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


This anthology explores time and change in work life from different perspectives, both in the public and private sector.
The anthology starts with an article which treats time as being complex and changeable, as well as the time of contemporary understandings and structures. Next, three case studies are presented in six articles. Firstly, the consulting firm “ABKU”, where one article focus on work/life balance and a flexible time regime, and the other article displays the seducing work of the flexible work in “ABKU”. Secondly, a Danish public school - “Vesterskolen” is the frame for two articles. The first article examines the different views on time of respectively a leader of the school and the teachers, and the related conflicts which arises. The other article focus on the difference between experienced and newly educated teachers and their navigation in their work life. Thirdly, a home care center is the focus of an article, which examines the sustainable work rhythms and how it is expressed in relation to employees’ perception of the possibility of reflection. The other home care article discusses the changes in professionalism of nurses in the home care, with the introduction of new display-technology. The anthology ends with an analysis of the collaboration in producing the anthology, which includes an Appreciative Inquiry workshop and theoretical reflections over the anthology-group as a community of practice and a joint ownership feeling of the anthology.
This anthology is made to contribute to the graduation of the debate around time aspects in different work situations.

UddannelserArbejdslivsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Antal sider185
VejledereAnnette Kamp


  • Tid
  • Forandring
  • acceleration
  • arbejde
  • rum
  • Hartmut Rosa
  • Thomas Hylland Eriksen
  • fleksibilitet
  • tidsregime
  • det grænseløse arbejde
  • bæredygtige rytmer
  • temporalitet
  • standardisering
  • effektivisering
  • New Public Management
  • NPM
  • tidsmiljø
  • tidsorden
  • tidsforståelse
  • hurtig tid
  • langsom tid
  • Andy Hargreaves
  • Henrik Lund
  • Annette Kamp
  • Helge Hvid
  • Helle Holt
  • work/life balance
  • Kontrol
  • autonomi
  • rytmicitet
  • styringsrationaler