The Singles Issue - et temanummer om singleliv til ALT for damerne

Louise Jakobsen, Mona Ellen Bang Kirkegaard & Thilde Lejre

Studenteropgave: Speciale


The Singles Issue - a theme issue on single life for ALT for damerne "The Singles Issue" is a production thesis, where we have developed a concept for a theme issue on single life for the magazine ALT for damerne. The thesis is based on the idea that there is a demand for accommodating the growing number of singles in a media that deals with single life. The thesis examines how a theme issue on single life for ALT for damerne should look and what it should contain to address the target audience while at the same time fit the style of ALT for damerne. This is examined through qualitative research interviews, textual analysis of ALT for damerne as well as focus group interviews. The conclusion is that the theme issue 'The Singles Issue' must contain edgy articles with honest stories of life as a single as well as useful guides to a funnier single life. It should inspire and make the reader identify with it. The theme number must also help break down taboos and create a community for singles without stigmatizing them. This is a sensitive subject, so The Singles Issue must be presented and written in a way that is not derogatory. The Singles Issue is communicated in the usual style of ALT for damerne, which we pinpoint though an analysis of the magazine. The theme number The Singles Issue contains the following six articles: • A portrait series about three famous Danish single women who honestly share their thoughts on single life. • A guide article where a lifestyle expert characterizes singles in different age groups. On top of that the article guides the readers to different ways of meeting other singles. • A coaching article in which three experts give advice to singles and encourage them to make the most of single life. • An insight article, where four entrepreneurs who have all established a business with offers for singles, tell about the idea behind their singles business. The stories are supplemented by a futurologist, who explains the reason why the singles industry is flourishing. • An account of a journey where an experienced source talks about travels for singles. • A dating guide that provides inspiration for 10 different dates, as well as five famous Danes who talk about their craziest dates.

UddannelserJournalistik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato1 sep. 2010
VejledereAnna Rossman Thejsen


  • ALT for damerne
  • Magasinjournalistik