The Role of Labour Unions in Regards to the Exploitation of Grape Workers in South Africa

Maimouna Diarra, Veronika Dietz, Sara Mohamed Faeq Ali Husain Alshehab, Pinja Karoliina Luoma-Nirva & Miguel Alejandro Moreno Teran

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This paper ought to answer the research question: What hinders labour unions from protecting grape farm workers from exploitative labour conditions in South African agricultural wine industry?

UddannelserInternationale Udviklingsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Master
Antal sider25
VejledereNina Torm


  • Exploitation
  • South Africa
  • Labour Unions
  • Farm workers
  • Macro
  • Micro
  • Wine industry
  • Grape farmers