The historical, societal and ethical implications of DNA sequencing

Ioanna Kaklamanou, Monika Tsotsorou, Atanas Dimchev Dilov & Kennie Lind Rothmann

Studenteropgave: Basisprojekt


The discoveries and advances in DNA sequencing have changed the way scientists approach molecular biology, and have impacted and even created many fields of research. However, these discoveries are not limited to advances in the history of molecular biology, but they also include changes to society as well as instigate ethical dilemmas originating from having the ability to alter the biology of humans. Subjects such as prenatal and neonatal screening for diseases, precision medicine, the Human Genome Project and eugenics are looked at with the goal of uncovering these historical, societal and ethical aspects of DNA sequencing. The changes brought forth by the evolution of DNA sequencing are significant to society, making it vital to have informed public discussions about the ethical guidelines and avenues of further research. The aim of this paper is to provide some of the information necessary to have such a discussion.

UddannelserBasis - International Naturvidenskabelig Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato19 dec. 2016
VejledereFarhan Khan