The European non-military union? CSDP: An inquiry into the barriers of European military integration

Johan Peter Glover Rasmussen, Nicolai Toft Sode, Lars Holm Granerud & Lasse Thorsgaard Grevy

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


This paper seeks to explain the barriers that stand in the way for a fulfilment of the potential of European military integration and the creation of a European Defence Union that the Lisbon Treaty allows for and the EP-parliament supports, but are yet to be fulfilled. We find that the barriers are multiclausal and that they stem from a divergence in preferences among Member States and the fear for the loss of national sovereignty resulting in the area being dominated by unanimity, which causes the CSDP to be highly ineffective. The object of analysis are the key areas within the CSDP-framework that are vital for European military integration. These are the European Defence Agency, the financing of the CSDP and the European Battlegroups. These are analysed by applying Liberal Intergovernmentalism-theory and its sequential Three-Stage Framework for European integration. This done in order to gain a comprehensive causal understanding of the barriers and underlying causes that hinders military integration in the EU. The conclusion finds that the barriers are multiclausal, but the main barrier is that decisions in the CSDP are made with unanimity, which Member States are unlikely to change because of their preference for the status quo.

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