Sustainabel City and Community Development: A case of citizen participation in Værebro Park

Amalie Emanuel Mørk & Amalie Sanderson Darville

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


This bachelor thesis is a project of understanding a socially challenged area named Værebro Park, it is about challenging the dominating approach towards making sustainable development plans for the neighborhood, that have been prevalent in recent years. Such as an over fixation on demographics and the perception that the local youths do not have a strong foundation for their future, because of the social challenges of the area. As we have chosen an approach of citizen participation, we set out to investigate how the involvement of local youths from Værebro Park and surrounding neighborhoods, can aid in creating a socially sustainable development plan for the area? This has been vital as we found through our investigation of academia on social sustainability, that citizen participation is in itself, a catalyst for creating sustainable development for a community.
To answer our question, we have performed a workshop at the local school, Skovbrynet Skole, with 26 pupils from Værebro Park and the neighboring areas, giving us an insight to their daily use of, opinions about and dreams for their local area. Furthermore, we have consulted with an experienced architectural company, Arki_lab, in understanding the processes, challenges and wins of involving the local community in developmental planning. This led us to create both a baseline understanding of the pupils’ experiences of their local area and what improvements they wished to make. Through a back-casting based planning perspective we created a concise plan of action, based upon the steps of The Natural Step Theory, seeking to answer the question of how the local youths can aid in creating a so-cially sustainable development plan for Værebro Park. We followed the ABCD-planning approach of Awareness, Baseline Analysis, Compelling Vision and Down to Action (Park, et al., 2009). However, we came to find that it was not the plan itself, which was our main purpose, it was in fact the approach towards developing it, which was truly interesting. We found that by involving the local children, we got an opportunity not just to get insights of the area, but to sow a strong community of future actors. It is our hope that this thesis can inspire more participation-based development projects, for common housing areas in Denmark and that it can give an example of how to apply UN sustainability goals 10 and 11, at a local level.

UddannelserBasis - International Samfundsvidenskabelig Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato27 maj 2019
Antal sider50
VejledereJesper Visti Hansen


  • Social Bæredygtigt
  • Byudvikling
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable Community