StreetMekka - Ledelse af Københavns nye streetkulturhus

Mikkel Gjelstrup

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Street culture is spreading out through the streets of Denmark and in the summer of 2009 the City of Copenhagen will open up an indoor street culture facility called StreetMekka. Moving street culture from its natural concrete habitat to a communal facility presents challenges. The City of Copenhagen has made official guideline for the StreetMekka facility to follow, but the free and self organized street culture is not an easy thing to keep within guidelines. This master thesis discusses from a managerial point of view how to make street culture expand in StreetMekka in accordance with the official guidelines. The thesis takes a social constructivist and dialectic methodical approach and has sociological, sub cultural and managerial theory as the theoretical starting point. First the thesis examines the Danish street culture as a social phenomenon and finds that participation, flexibility, competition, respect, creativity, originality, authenticity are main values creating street cultural behavioral patterns. It is also described how most young people who choose street culture, do it because of taste and not because of a sub cultural wish of rebelling against society. Therefore the Danish street culture expands mainly as a taste culture divided into two communities. The first community acts in accordance with the cultural values and has street culture as a full time life style. The second community uses street culture mainly for socializing. Next the thesis discusses how the manager of StreetMekka in the best way can solve the challenges that arise in the relation between the street cultural values and communities and the official StreetMekka guidelines. The first challenge concerns social control in the street culture facility and it is concluded that the manager should exercise personality-based authority and use street cultural values to influence the social life in StreetMekka. The next challenge has to do with making room for the different communities in StreetMekka. Here it is concluded that the manager should accept value-diversity and support an informal separation of the different communities to assure the expansion of an authentic street culture. At the same time the manager should allow exclusion and minor battles between the communities as long as all young people connected to the street culture can be included somewhere in StreetMekka. The final challenge relates to engaging the young people in the StreetMekka organization. It is concluded that the manager should carefully consider in what degree each youth wants to be engaged as the street culture youth value their freedom of choice highly.

UddannelserPerformance-design, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato13 mar. 2009


  • Ledelse streetkultur subkultur