Storm over Tyskland - en undersøgelse af den danske presses dækning af Hitler og nazismen i perioden 1933-38

Rikke Marie Bock Porsager & Ea Normann John

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This thesis examines how Hitler and the Nazi movement in Germany in the period: 1933-38, was depicted in the Danish press. There is particular emphasis on the press’ coverage of the “Gleichschaltung” of society and state which took place in Germany in that period. We have chosen to examine six major Danish newspapers, which both represents the geographical and political spread in Denmark. The study is motivated by a wondering on why the historical literature expresses such an unambiguous perception of the subject, where in particular the Tory press has been criticized for not having been sufficiently critical of the subject. Through our analysis of the newspapers we have reached the conclusion, that the newspapers were far more critical of Hitler and the Nazi movement, than perceived through the existing historical literature. The newspapers agreed in their commitment to democracy, so their attitude towards the dictatorship in Germany also came to be about: A defense of democracy, freedom of expression and voting rights. This thus represents a picture of a press that was overall antitotalitaristic, which overshadowed the antimarxism, which has otherwise been highlighted in other research. This does not mean that the newspapers' political orientation did not play a role in their coverage. But this role is much smaller than what has been immediately assumed. We can thus, on the basis of our analysis, conclude that the Danish press behaved far more critical to the development in Germany, the dictatorship as a system and Nazism as an ideology than what one gets the impression of in the existing literature. We believe that our results can thus give a more nuanced perception of the Danish press in the interwar period and their coverage of Nazi Germany.

UddannelserHistorie, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato23 okt. 2013
VejledereMichael Kjeldsen


  • Nazismen
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