Soldaterfluer i Affaldssektoren: Soldaterfluelarve system

Morten Ask Ledertoug, Nina Adelhardt Dalmasso, Camilla Teilmann & Simon Drasbek Huusom

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


Throughout this paper it will be examined how a technology with Black Soldier Flies could impact the output of a bioplant. The main focus of this paper has been to question the way our society treat organic waste. Due to how our waste management system is designed, we dispose or burn away vital nutrients. We propose that these nutrients should instead be re-circled and used in new ways. The theoretic base of the paper is Circular Economy, and the investigating part tries to figure out how to make loops in the management of organic waste. Because of the fact that Denmark burn a lot of organic waste, this paper have found that loops can easily be created by using the organic waste in biogas plants. If a technology with Black Soldier Flies is introduced in the biogasproduction this paper concludes that the output of methanegas should be higher. Furthermore the empiric data point out that the Black Soldier Fly Larvae could be used in a number of ways, that could improve even more on the Circular Economic loops.

UddannelserTekSam - miljøplanlægning, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato1 jun. 2017
Antal sider58
VejledereHenrik Hauggaard-Nielsen


  • Black Soldier Fly
  • Soldaterfluer
  • Cirkulær økonomi
  • Circular Economy
  • KOD
  • Kildesorteret organisk dagrenovation
  • Affldssektor
  • Kaskader