Softwareudvikling i et foranderligt landskab - Et tværfagligt softwareudviklingsprojekt til understøttelse af organisationen Ledige Med Drive

Lauge Bro Lilleås & Asbjørn Hansen

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This thesis is about exploring the challenges associated with software development within organizations. To discover and investigate these challenges, a practical development project was conducted within the organization Ledige Med Drive in Roskilde Denmark. Through utilization of the four principles of the Participatory Design Method, MUST, and Robert K. Wysocki’s unified theory about Software Development and Project Management, the project were initialized by scoping and visioning activities. These activities lead to a rationalized choice of software development strategy in accordance to Wysocki’s software development landscape model. Utilizing the agile development method Scrum, a seven-week development process were undertaken within the organization. This process was focused around developing a webpage solution to support the activities within the organization while fulfilling the needs and wishes of its users. Throughout the development process, the Scrum activities resulted in a high degree of re-evaluation and adjustment of the processes evaluated. The utilization of Scrum principles and continuously examination and adaption of our development process lead to a better understanding of the challenges associated with the software development. By assessing different possible webtechnologies that could be used for implementing the identified system requirement, a number of applied technologies were decided upon. Through a stepwise implementation of the software solution, we identified a rising need for a clearer separation between the webpages frontend and backend functionality as the complexity of the developed solution increases. As an exploration of potentials for improving the matching between unemployed and employers in relation to job application and recruitment, there was conducted an experiment using a selection of Machine Learning techniques. The assessed techniques involves classification and clustering algorithms applied on a bag-of-word representation of text-documents. Throughout this experiment, we discover great potential for utilizing the assessed techniques for recommendation purposes in relation to job application and recruitment.

UddannelserInformatik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato28 sep. 2015
VejledereNiels Christian Juul & Morten Rhiger


  • Software Development, Project Management, Unemployment, Participatory Design, MUST Method, Machine Learning, Bag-of-words, Naïve Bayes, K-means, Text mining, Ledige Med Drive, Agile, Scrum.