Sociale virksomheders nonfinansielle intentioner og -resultater: - Analyse af krav til potentiel mærkningsordning

Rasmus Torpe Hansen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


To solve the most comprehensive problems in the world, it’s necessary to establish businesses not only to earn profit, but with a greater social purpose. Everyone needs to acknowledge that there is more to life than to optimize one’s personal profit at the expense of others living standards. Therefore we must introduce another kind of business which might be called ‘social business’. The purpose of this dissertation is to analyze what the term ‘social business’ implies. How social businesses are different from profit maximizing businesses but also non-profit organisations. How specific requirements to the phrase ‘social business’ are defined, in a way that makes it possible for consumers to clearly distinguish the concept from former organiza-tional approaches. How a ‘social entrepreneur’ substantiates his or her value-based motive and intention. How a social business documents its social outcome and impact. And last, how these different indicators and requirements are presented, in a way that makes it possible for consumers to make conscious value-based choices.

UddannelserErhvervsøkonomi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato13 jan. 2012
VejledereInger Jensen


  • social enterprise
  • social virksomhed
  • socialøkonomi
  • social assessment
  • social påvirkning
  • social entreprenør
  • socialt entreprenørskab
  • bevidst forbruger
  • social business
  • social innovation
  • sociale intentioner
  • mærkningsordning