Social identitet på Instagram

Katrine Wandrup, Rasmus Stegmann, Mie Quist & Mikkel Raavig

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


English Resumé With the newly gained influence of Social Media in our modern world, it seems hugely relevant to consider in which way users of the medias present themselves to the world. The code of conduct on Social Medias differ from reality, and the inability to tell the difference, may result in a faux pas. Knowing the unwritten rules of how to gain attention, may secure your personal success. But changing your identity in order to appear in a brighter light than the one that usually surrounds you, can affect your autencity. With the semiotics of Roland Barthes, the sociology of Richard Jenkins and the autocommunication of Yuri Lotman as our guiding lights, we have written this project on creating your own identity via the Social Media Instagram. We discuss subjects like gaining followers, presenting your life in the best possible way, and reaching out to your audience. We have our basis in two selected users who both have gained a large amount of followers through their interaction on the media. With our analysis of both their personality and their shared content, our project takes the shape of an academic discussion of the possibilities of creating your own identity via Instagram.

UddannelserBasis - Humanistisk Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato14 jun. 2013
VejledereEsther Oluffa Pedersen


  • Lotman, Yuri
  • Semiotik
  • Social identitet
  • Barthes, Roland
  • Instagram
  • Autokommunikation
  • Jenkins, Richard