Social Entrepreneurship and Management: a research project on the perceptions of the program

Zachariah Khadudu Odhiambo, Xianjing Chen, Rasmus Fisker-Clausen, George McFarley III, Joseph Donnell Benjamin & Malene Kleppe-Hansen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


This project aims to investigate the gap between the students’ expectations and experiences, of the SEM program, based on the perspectives of the students and the administrative staff, of the program.
In doing so, the analysis engages with the narratives of the students and the administrative personnel, in an effort to discern possible discrepancies of perception with regards to the SEM program and its curriculum. The methodological structure is based upon Grounded Theory Method (GTM) and self ethnography. In order to examine the problem area, empirical data has been sampled. Specifically, qualitative interviews were conducted of both students and administrative staff members in order to provide a balanced perspective of the SEM program. The theoretical lens with which the collected data is analyzed, consists of three parts: theoretical perspectives on organizational culture, (counter)-narrative theory, and upwards/downwards communication.

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato10 dec. 2016
Antal sider63
VejledereFrancesco Lapenta