Skiffergassens semiotiske socinatur

Thomas Larsen, Nina Ro Ebbesen & Simon Stolten-Hansen

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


The use of hydraulic fracturing to extract unconventional gas, especially shale gas, is a controversial activity, currently spreading from the USA to every inhabited continent (Willow & Wylie, 2014:223). Localized social, environmental and political contexts foster different reactions to and realizations of the fracking industry, and hydraulic fracturing in turn introduces new relations to the local socionature and metabolism of social life. In Denmark the first test drilling for shale gas is currently being established and the fracking industry’s effect on socionatural relations has yet largely manifested discursively through public information and debate. In this project critical discourse analysis (CDA) is employed to investigate the production of socionature through mobilization of socionatural construals by the companies behind the Vendsyssel-1 drilling site on their website,, as well as the counter discourse from local protest camp, Total Protest Camp. Operationalization of Fairclough’s CDA methodology and Knudsens environmental perceptions categorization shows how the website’s discursive contribution to the production of socionature presents complex socionatural construal. This is primarily founded on an expert defined ressource perception, quantifying and categorizing socionatural spacetimes, as well as appeal to national framing, supported by a Corporate Social Responsibility discourse. The results is a partially depolitisizing and positive presentation of the potentials of shale gas extraction at different scales. The protest camp’s counter discourse emphasizes local attachment and democratic resource control as well as multiple complex environmental perceptions as threaten by externally imposed state and profit oriented actors. Socionatural construals are mobilized in support of different developmental paths in interaction with economic, political and identity-related narratives, emphasizing how discursive actions figure in different interests and power relations.

UddannelserGeografi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato26 jan. 2015


  • Fracking
  • Knudsen
  • hydraulisk frakturering
  • Socionatur
  • Kritisk realisme
  • Skifergas
  • KDA
  • Natursyn
  • Kritisk dikursanalyse
  • Moddiskurs
  • Fairclough