Sælger avisen aviser? Does the newspaper sell newspapers?

Asbjørn Busk Jørgensen, Anders Søndergaard Skovbakke, Louise Foged Larsen & Kirstine Erreboe Hougaard

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This project is written within the subject area of business studies, and deals with the newspaper industry, specifically Fyns Amts Avis. The project aims to examine how Fyns Amts Avis core mission can be understood in relation to the general challenges in the newspaper industry, which in the report is based on an industry analysis from the culture agency. The project report is written from a social constructionist scientific theoretical position and the focus is therefore particularly on the meaningful constructions that are created. In order to answer the problem statement we include our own data in form of an interview with the chief editor Troels Mylenberg, in addition to this we use Fyns Amts Avis’ annual report from 2006. Furthermore we use theory in the form of Edgar Schein’s cultural theory and Karl Weick’s theory of sensemaking. Edgar Schein’s culture analysis is used to understand what is articulated through the interview by classifying this in Schein’s three levels of culture, including basic assumption, values and artifacts. Karl Weick’s sensemaking is used to analyze and understand the sensemaking process in Fyns Amts Avis, and finally to discuss how the choice of core mission is legitimate. The analysis is divided into four sub-questions. In the first analysis the core mission is characterized by how Troels Mylenberg understand and articulate this, as a locally rooted and community-building newspaper, where readers can have their say. In the second part of the analysis we understand Fyns Amts Avis’ actions and decisions through Schein's three levels of culture. It is emphasized that the basic assumption determines the choice of the core mission, likewise the basic assumption pervades the values and artefacts that arise. In the third part of the analysis we analyze how these actions and decisions become meaningful through the core mission’s sensemaking, understood from Karl Weick’s sensemaking theory. It is here expressed that the core mission’s sensemaking is a subjective cohesion, ensuring a meaningful correlation between initiatives. The fourth part of the analysis ultimately discusses how the choice of core mission will be legitimate. Throughout this discussion, it becomes highlighted that the core mission is legitimate in the contrived sensemaking creation. However the legitimacy depends on the plausibility of the core mission. It is finally concluded, that the newspapers choice of core mission is to be understood in a framework of the papers own sensemaking, which is not constituted by the general challenges in the newspaper industry but instead by the core mission itself.

UddannelserVirksomhedsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato23 jun. 2015
VejledereInger Jensen


  • Selection
  • Fyns Amts Avis
  • Retention
  • artefakter
  • Enactment
  • Newspaper
  • Sensemaking
  • Schein
  • kultur
  • grundlæggende antagelser
  • Troels Mylenberg
  • Weick
  • Legitimacy
  • værdier