Retsanvendelse i asylsystemet - en retssociologisk undersøgelse af hvordan indre som ydre strukturer betinger Udlændingestyrelsens og Dansk Flygtningehjælps divergerende forståelser af, hvad der gør en asylansøgning åbenbart grundløs.

Anne Katrine Lundsfryd Heide-Jørgensen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Abstract This thesis addresses conditions that divide the Danish Foreign Office’s identification of manifestly unfounded asylum seekers from the Danish Refugee Council’s (DRC) authority to veto and prevent such designation. Manifestly unfounded asylum seekers are identified by a procedure in the Danish asylum system called “åbenbart grundløs-proceduren”. This procedure allows the Danish Foreign Office to give asylum seekers non-appealable rejections. Methodologically and theoretically the thesis is based on sociology of law, focusing on the application of law amongst the caseworkers from the two above-mentioned organizations. The overall assumption is that the answer must be clarified by investigating internal as well as external structures’ affect on the law. Empirically the thesis is based on 18 asylum cases processed by the two organizations’ caseworkers and on 4 interviews with two representatives from the organizations. The empirical data is gathered and analyzed using a grounded theory research process: sampling, coding, and categorization the data. Combined, two theses based on legal theory and one thesis based on perceptions of sociology of law form a theoretical point of departure for analyzing the results of the research process. It is concluded that the Foreign Office and DRC agree on the current law for the assessment of identifying manifestly unfounded asylum seekers. What separates them is their perception of the legal criteria. Formal as well as informal legal norms are given priority in the caseworkers’ application of the law, the thesis draws attention especially to one condition. The fact that the caseworkers represent different organizations is essential considering their approach to the law, as well as to their identification of the asylum seeker’s motive. In a final perspective on the results of this thesis a number of legal, political considerations are brought forth.

UddannelserSocialvidenskab, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato30 jun. 2014
VejledereLisbet Christoffersen


  • åbenbart grundløs
  • Dansk Flygtningehjælp
  • retsteori
  • retssociologi
  • rettens styringssystem
  • asyl
  • institutionelle kompetenceplaceringer
  • Udlændingestyrelsen