Projekt Vesterport

Lucca Marie Nielsen, Marie Djernes Brostrøm & Johanne Engbirk

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


This assignment investigates the development and planning of a new construction in the middle of the area, Indre By, situated in Copenhagen. The project is called Projekt Vesterport, and has met resistance from a great amount of citizens. The citizens are particularly angry about the demolition of an old cinema named Palads Teatret. By using Projekt Vesterport as a case study, we investigate the urban planning process and furthermore the opportunities which citizens have had to engage in the process. The assignment also examines the underlying anger in the protests by using the concepts: Place identity, nostalgia and local identity.

By adopting a theoretical basis from Patsy Healey and John Dewey we investigate how inclusion or exclusion of citizens in urban planning affect cities and the people who live in them. By analysing how the project complies with the rules and requirements stated in the municipal plans of Copenhagen we try to understand the priorities of the municipality of Copenhagen. How much influence do the citizens have in the development of their own city?

UddannelserPlan, By og Proces, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato22 maj 2017
Antal sider58
VejledereLise Rask


  • Byplanlægning
  • Palads Teatret
  • Udvikling
  • Kapitalisme
  • Vækst
  • Nostalgi
  • Stedsidentitet
  • Lokalidentitet
  • Trond Thuen
  • John Dewey
  • Kommunikativ planlægning
  • Borgerinddragelse
  • Demokrati
  • Globalisering
  • Vesterport Station
  • Indre By
  • Lokaludvalg
  • Projekt Vesterport