Plastgenanvendelse i Københavns Kommune

Jesper Madvig, Thor Lidegaard, Toke Liengaard & Christoffer Rod Thorup

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


Copenhagen Municipality has with its plan ‘KBH 2025 Klimaplanen’ an overall target of becoming CO2 neutral in the year of 2025. One of the means to reach this goal is to recycle all the rigid plastic in the combustible municipal household waste. This report views this change as a transition from the current incumbent regime to an alternative and more sustainable niche regime. We find that one of the required initiatives that make this plan possible is to establish a plastic sorting facility related to the waste stream in Copenhagen. The amount of rigid plastics generated within the municipality of Copenhagen is not enough to make the investment in a full-scale plastic sorting facility feasible. For the establishment of the facility to succeed, the municipality needs to cooperate with the neighbouring municipalities and combining their amount of rigid plastics waste and instead focus on a much smaller pre-sorting facility. We find that this can be done through their already established I/S Partnerships within the combined-heat-and-power plant Amagerforbrænding. Although this requires continuous work from the municipality we believe that the establishment of a pre-sorting facility is an important step in reaching the goal in ‘KBH 2025 Klimaplanen’.

UddannelserTekSam - miljøplanlægning, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato3 jan. 2013
VejledereBente Kjærgård


  • KBH 2025 Klimaplanen
  • Forsorteringsanlæg
  • Plastgenanvendelse