Plads til alle på aktivitetspladsen - Et inddragende forskningsprojekt i Nivåhøj: An Activity Square for Everyone - A Participatory Planning Process in Nivåhøj

Elsba Joansdottir Hardlei, Emilie Sofie Rohr, Matilde Basse Poniewozik, Simon Bjørn Nielsen & Sophus August Jakobsen Bojesen

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This thesis examines how the residents of the non-profit housing area, Nivåhøj, can be democratically involved in the preliminary planning and process of acknowledgement of an activity square, in the centre of the area. This study is conducted in close cooperation with the non-profit housing association, VIBO, and is founded on the normative ideal of a domination- free conversation within the citizen involvement inspired by sociologist Jürgen Habermas. The aim is to achieve coherence between the different understandings of the participants. Initially, urban planner Kevin Lynch’s theory of the city and its elements is used to identify and provide us with an understanding of the physical area of the future activity square. The thesis is founded on critical theory and critical utopian action research which is reflected in the methodical approach of the research: A Future Workshop inspired by Robert Jungk and Norbert Müllert is conducted in order to get as close as possible to the normative ideal. To discuss the type of involvement of the Future Workshop it is compared to a more traditional kind of involvement in planning. Furthermore, Habermas’ theory of system and lifeworld and Karina Sehested’s examination of different roles of urban planning are used to discuss the thesis statement and how the study generates new knowledge to the field of citizen involvement in urban planning. The thesis concludes that in order to take the participants lifeworld perspectives into account, the Future Workshop is the most democratic and useful method in the planning process of the activity square. Furthermore, it is concluded that a process of acknowledgement between the participants and the project group has been made possible through the Future Workshop.

UddannelserBasis - Samfundsvidenskabelig Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato22 maj 2015
VejlederePeter Hegelund Skriver


  • Almen bolig
  • Borgerinddragelse
  • Fremtidsværksted
  • Særligt udsatte boligområder
  • Aktionsforskning
  • Kritisk teori
  • System og livsverdenen
  • Planlæggerroller