Personaliseret information på internettet: Personalized information on the internet

Anders Mandrup Jensen & Kristian Coff Schang Andersen

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This project examines the consequences that are associated with surveillance on the internet using HTTP-cookies and how this information is used to personalize the information presented to the user. We have acquired knowledge as to how HTTP-cookies are used to collect information about individual internet users and how the collection of information can be avoided or minimized. The information is used to build profiles based on aforementioned information that is gathered using cookies. Using algorithms, companies are able to present internet users with suggested information and material based on these profiles. This personalization of information raises the issue that the internet users might not receive information and material according to their actual interests if these are not reflected in past internet activity. The gathered information is collected using cookies that are placed on the internet user’s computer through an HTTP-response from the server. Without the user’s consent, this information can be gathered and sold to third-party customers. This can be interpreted as a violation of the user’s privacy. In order to be able to answer the questions we have raised it was necessary to understand the technical aspect of how cookies work. To do so we have researched the subject and learned how HTTP-messages work and how these are used to place cookies. Based on the theory of Filter Bubbles presented by Eli Pariser we have been able to conclude that personalized information on the internet potentially may result in the user missing specific subjects that might be interesting or relevant. Furthermore, we have been able to conclude that some internet users may find that the gathering and trading of personal information is a violation of privacy because it can be collected without the user’s consent.

UddannelserInformatik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato29 maj 2015
VejledereNiels Christian Juul


  • personalisering
  • personalization
  • Surveillance
  • krænkelse
  • http
  • privacy
  • privatliv
  • cookies
  • internet
  • filter bubble
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