Patienters syn på vigtige værdier i hospitalskulturen

Louise Meldgaard Johansen & Amanda Anne Juhl

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This master thesis examines patients view on the role of being a patient and which cultural values and norms they find important in the culture of the Danish hospital service. The thesis provides an insider perspective on patients’ cognition about: The role of patients, the information given to them, their relationships with others, the communication with doctors and nurses and the decision making about their health care treatment. The empirical data in the study stems from ten individual qualitative research interviews with patients, who currently receive treatment for their different diseases. From transcriptions of the interviews we derive the patients’ statements and gather them into themes, which we use as the foundation for our linguistic investigation. We examine this field of research through an ethnopragmatic approach on the basis of the theory of Natural Semantic Metalanguage by Anna Wierzbicka and Cliff Goddard. In our analysis we have uncovered which cultural keywords that the patients’ statements revolves around, which reveals the norms and values in the culture in the Danish hospital service. The cultural keywords concerning the patients’ view on the culture in the Danish hospitals are tillid, tryghed, ærlighed, autoritet, ansvar and anerkendelse. They cannot be translated into English due to the fact, that they contain a unique semantic meaning in relation to the culture in the Danish hospital service. The keywords are modeled into patient scripts and are based on the interviews to uncover the culture in the Danish hospital service. From this, we conclude that the role of being a patient is a relational social category and presupposes a doctor.

UddannelserDansk, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato5 aug. 2015
VejledereCarsten Levisen


  • sociopragmatik
  • patient scripts
  • Kulturelle nøgleord
  • kulturelle scripts
  • Etnopragmatik
  • semantisk eksplikation
  • Patientperspektiv
  • Værdier
  • Naturligt semantisk metasprog