Paradokset mellem uddannelse og effektivisering i sundhedsvæsenet - Den sundhedsprofessionelles dobbeltrolle som fagprofessionel og klinisk vejleder

Trine Vinther & Jeanette Lyk

Studenteropgave: Masterprojekt


Engelsk resumé The title of our project is ”The paradox between education and increasing effectiveness in the Health services – The dual role of health professionals as professional and clinical supervisor”. The intention of this project is to create a debate about educational consequences from the political strategies for the Professional Bachelor degrees in clinical teaching when the Health Services have to be continually more efficient. We will bring to light contrasts in society, role conflicts and dilemmas of the Danish competitive state brought about, and as a result of political ideologies, reforms and developmental trends. We have drawn upon theories of societies and the social scientific from Jürgen Habermas, George H. Mead and Alfred Schultz. In order to bring attention to societies and educational evolution, in this case the Professional Bachelor education, we have used the theories from Katrin Hjort, Ove K. Pedersen and Henning S. Olesen. There are three conflicting directions in societies attitude towards educations utilizing theory and practice. The first conflict is that the work performance has to be more effective and, at the same time, maintaining high quality. The second conflict is that educational planning is faced with duplicity between practice learning and academisation. The third conflict is the educational expansion, where a higher educational level is more reputable. The intention of our project is to understand the individual’s outlook on life by using the method ‘participating observation’. This is a qualitative sociologic phenomenological empiric method of collection. We could then choose the different theorists from our conclusions. Our case example is a regular day of a clinical instructor working with x-ray diagnosis in an x-ray department. Based on our empire we have made a critical hermitical analysis. Our conclusion is that the pressure at work involves increased efficiency. The crucial element is that there is time and space in the clinical practice to create the higher academic education level that the educational guidelines expect. For the clinical instructor the question is if there is enough time and clarity to create the learning situation where the students learn to analyze and reflect on their own performance, or else the clinical instructor takes a passive role due to feeling powerless and not being able to accomplish everything.

UddannelserMaster i Uddannelse og Læring (MUL), (Masteruddannelse) Master
Udgivelsesdato18 jun. 2016
VejledereKirsten Larsen


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