På Sporet af Krisekommunikation - En undersøgelse af DSBs krisekommunikation under og i kølvandet på Waterfront-sagen

Louise Catherine Broo Köhler

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This thesis aims at uncovering the dynamical nature of the crises management of DSB during the Waterfrom-crisis, through an investigation of how the media-organization DR affected the course of the crisis management of DSB through their coverage. A social constructivist and performative approach to the analysis of DR media-texts and DSB press-releases published from the establishment of the crisis to the point of retraction, concluded that DR contributed to the existence of the crisis qithin the DSB-organization, which in turn affected the crisis management to the point that it adopted the narrative framed by DR. DSB negotiated the narrative throughout the crisis-management and subsequently issued the findings of the legal investigation they had had carried out. The second research question I aimed at answering through my analysis was, in which way performativity played a role over the course of the crisis. The thesis explored Erving Goffman’s performativity in the endeavor to apply the performative terms to a crisis communications context. The performative aspect was found to be present , as it generally envelopes all of the three phases of crisis; it comes into play through DR’s communicative action during the crisis, as well as in the mere interaction between DSB and DR as a media organization. How does DSB sustain trustworthiness during the course of their crisis communication, was the third and last research question my thesis sought to answer. Through identifying the three virtues of trustworthiness I applied my findings to a method of trust-analysis by Petersen & Lund (2003). By an even use on competence-virtues, character-virtues and virtues of presence my findings showed that DSB was successful in sustaining their level of trustworthiness during their time of crisis.

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato4 nov. 2013
VejledereNina Blom


  • DSB
  • performativitet
  • troværdighed
  • krisekommunikation