På sporet af den efterforskende journalist: En undersøgelse af formidling og etik inden for True Crime-genren med udgangspunkt i dokumentarserien 'Drabet Uden Lig'

Sari Borgaard Vegendal & Amalie Tagmose

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Master’s thesis in journalism, Roskilde University 2019:
‘On track of the investigative journalist’ - An investigation of dissemination and ethics within the True Crime-genre based on the documentary series ‘Drabet Uden lig’.
Authors: Sari Vegendal and Amalie Tagmose
This thesis looks into the journalist’s role within the popular journalistic genre True Crime and relate critically to the ethical pitfalls that the journalist's dissemination within the genre can cause. By looking at the role of the True Crime-journalist from a historic point of view it is explained how the criminal reporter has developed over time. From reporting exclusively objective to become more and more engaging. This is summed up in a three level model where the ethical challenges that the development causes is also represented.
In a case based analysis of the danish True Crime documentary series ‘Drabet Uden Lig’ from 2018 the model is used in practise as a tool to explain how the role of the journalist is affected by the way the narrative is created. The analysis shows how the journalist do not only investigate the old murder case. He also handle new evidence without telling the police and he accuses his sources on screen. Dramaturgy from fictional crime and TV-theory is used to point out how the narrative is build up around the journalist character in order to give him the authority to do so.
The performative role of the True Crime-journalist that is identified in ‘Drabet Uden Lig’ is used to discuss how journalists in general turn more and more performative. This places high demands on the recipient cause while you can be sure of exciting entertainment you cannot be sure of the journalist’s objectivity. The risk is that we let ourselves convince of claims that are the journalist's own - but not necessarily the truth. Taken into count the significant power factor this implies, this thesis argues that there is a need for a new set of ethic rules for journalists.

UddannelserJournalistik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato2 jan. 2019
Antal sider88
VejledereMark Ørsten


  • True Crime
  • Drabet Uden Lig
  • TV 2
  • Jacob Kragelund
  • Journalist
  • Journalistens rolle
  • Mediemagt
  • Krimifiktion
  • Kriminaljournalistik
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