På læsernes præmisser? Et empirisk studium af policy-dokumenter på danske aviser

Ulrikke Koch & Martine Bentsen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Under the title ’On the readers terms?’ we have investigated what Danish newspapers write about themselves, their values, their goals and their ambitions in their editorial policy documents. We have questioned whether these documents reveal significant facts about the balance between market-driven journalism and standard journalism. To answer this question we have analysed 37 publicly available policy documents found on the respective newspapers’ websites. At first sight these documents differed a lot in terms of length, writing style, and content. However, a closer look reveals a great deal of similarities amongst them. This is especially true when looking at the way they address their readers as someone they would like to be ‘closer to’. Some of the newspapers (especially the ’free-of-charge’ newspapers) explain this referring to the readers as customers who should be provided with what they are asking for. This can be viewed as a sign of a trend towards a more reader orientated press, and as such it is presents a shift from the established press who claim to be writing for all classes in society and claim to be writing about a wide spectre of news. Furthermore, the analysis has shown that the national newspapers in general, due to internal competition and partly also due to their democratic responsibility, possess more detailed and well-argued public policy documents. A similar tendency can be found among newspapers which have seen a change of ownership or newspapers which have undergone structural and editorial reorganisations lately. To fully understand the content of the 37 editorial policy documents, we have made a description of the development of the press in the twentieth century, where ideals such as objectivity and the press as the fourth estate have been discussed. This description also contains an explanation of market-driven journalism and branding. This brings us to the conclusion of this dissertation in which we postulate that the public policy documents primarily should be viewed as branding tools which help the newspapers appear more trustworthy in a time where competition from other media’s such as television and internet is strong and declining numbers of readers is an everyday reality.

UddannelserJournalistik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato10 jan. 2007
VejledereMichael Bruun Andersen


  • kvantitativt studium af policy på samtlige danske aviser
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