Optimalgyset - En udviklingsorienteret oplevelsesanalyse af Hotel Scary i Tivoli

Kirsti S. Boss

Studenteropgave: Speciale


The dissertation is a development-oriented experience analysis of the attraction Hotel Scary in Tivoli. The characteristic of the consumption of experiences is undergoing change. Delivering attractive and surprising experience offers to demanding experience consumers is challenging the providers in the experience sector. The amusement park Tivoli is competing for the experience consumers’ favour, and Hotel Scary is a new development initiative, which aims to attract the young and adult audience during the Halloween season. The challenge is however, that Hotel Scary after three years is still operating at a loss, and in spite of the popularity of the ride, the leadership won’t be able to defend the continued investment. This calls for a re-thinking of the experience design for Hotel Scary. Development demands a holistic and user-oriented approach. This dissertation seeks to investigate how the experience in Hotel Scary is constructed through the many elements that come into play during the experience: the physical frames, mechanical effects, the live acting and the interaction of the audience. The mapping of the audiences’ actual experience in Hotel Scary in the year of 2014, via the methods observation and focus-group interviews, has contributed to identify a number of development potentials, which can be incorporated into a new design. The empirical analysis is supported by theory that stems from the tension field between Experience Economy and Performance Design. The dissertation has a general relevance for actors who seek inspiration to analyse and develop specific experience designs.

UddannelserPerformance-design, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato28 apr. 2015
VejledereFlemming Sørensen & Kristine Munkgård Pedersen


  • Forestillingsanalyse
  • Oplevelsesøkonomi
  • Oplevelsesdesign
  • Observation som metode
  • Fokusgruppeinterviews