Oplevelsen ved at se tv

Linea Olivia Densen

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


This assignment examines the experience of being changed and affected by watching television. I have chosen to focus on a specific tv-series, that will constitute the case of the assignment. The tv-series I have chosen is called, Petra elsker sig selv. It is a mixed genre, leaning towards a documentary and treats the subject of the society’s ideals of the body. Petra, who is a young journalist and television host, thinks pernicious of herself and her body. Through the series she is trying to convert herself into thinking more positive about herself and not being affected by the ideals of the body as much as before.
Research shows that many individuals, both men and women, thinks poorly of their bodies, because the ideals is too hard to live up to and for many people, unrealistic to reach. Because of this Petra is determined to break the negative way of thinking by examine how to learn loving herself and her body.
The assignment will include the method of autoethnographic writing, theories about television as a medium, dramaturgical terms and models, the term of experience and overall the science studies of constructivism.
The methodical perspective will be presented through Charlotte Baarts and her descriptions of autoethnographic writing. Through the method I will examine the impact the tv-series has on my way of thinking about myself and the ideals of the body. Furthermore, I will look into what kind of experience I will have based on the content of the series. The autoethnographic method is appropriate for this assignment, because I am is a young woman, who fits into the target group of the series and also the generation that is affected by the ideals. Therefore, my thoughts and previous experiences can be considered relevant for the subject of the assignment. My autoethnographic notes will constitute the empirical element of the assignment and will consist of both descriptions of the content of the tv-series as well as my own personal reflections on the subject.
The theories about television as a medium and the dramaturgical terms and models will be presented by multiple theoreticians: Anders Dahl et al., Trine and Jørgen Riber Christensen, Ole Ertløv Hansen and Thomas Mosebo Simonsen.
Among the theories, two models will be presented: the Actantial model that summaries the most important characters of the series and the Wave model, that form an overview of the composition and content of the series.
The empirical element will in the analysis be held up against the theoretical perspective and will mix together all the above components to examine both how the series is built up theoretically and how I will be impacted, seeing Petra undergo her journey of learning to love herself. Finally, I will conclude if the tv-series has given me an experience that has changed and affected my way of thinking and I will discuss how and if the tv-series can change the problems, that the ideals of the body causes.

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato11 jun. 2019
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VejledereLis Hornø


  • Petra elsker sig selv
  • Petra Nagel
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