New Public Governance på det kommunale niveau: En dansk NPG model?

Christoffer Hausgaard Kjær Hede & Christian Slott Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


This report examines the management paradigms used by Roskilde Municipality and Kalundborg Municipality in the relation to the two socio-economic corporations of INSP and SYMB. The focus of the study is to point out which importance the management paradigms have on the corporations.
Firstly, it can be concluded that the relationship between the municipalities and the socio- economic corporations is depending on multiple factors. The municipalities use of management paradigms therefore has a significant outcome with the corporations’ collaboration.
Secondly, it can be concluded that the use of New Public Governance (NPG) and New Public Management (NPM) by Roskilde Municipality has given a potent interdependent cooperation with INSP, while the use of Old Public Administration (OPA) and NPM in the Kalundborg Municipality emphasizes SYMB as a voluntary workforce.
In the perspective of a discussion, it can be concluded that the spread of a INSP/SYMB-idea from a local to a national level can be inhibited by the lack of innovative leadership and an antiquated organisational structure. NPG and the idea of INSP/SYMB will experience difficulties with implementation in this type of municipality, and therefore the model can be considered limited to a geographical frame.
Finally, it can be concluded that the use of management paradigms does have a significant role for the collaborations between socio-economic corporations like INSP and SYMB and the relationship with Municipalities like Roskilde and Kalundborg. The use of OPA and NPG separates the two cases. OPA constrains the collaboration with SYMB, while NPG promotes the collaboration with INSP.

UddannelserPolitik og Administration, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato28 maj 2018
Antal sider77
VejledereAnnika Agger


  • NPG
  • NPM
  • OPA
  • Samskabelse
  • New Public Governance
  • New Public Management
  • Old Public Administration
  • Bureaukrati
  • Management
  • Governance
  • Netværkstyring
  • Styringsnetværk
  • Kommuner
  • Roskilde Kommune
  • Kalundborg Kommune
  • INSP
  • SYMB
  • SØV
  • Socialøkonomiske virksomheder
  • Styringsparadigmer
  • Styring
  • Ledelse